SuctionShield easily attaches to virtually any horizontal surface to hold suction tips,
isolating secretions, reducing cross contamination and pathogen transmission --
Protecting Patients and Practitioners.

SuctionShield is vital PPE
Eliminates dangerous habits that allow biofilms to be spread under pillows, in bedding,
or tray tables, or draped wherever suction tips are allowed to hang uncovered or dripping.

Better Safe Than Sorry

One SuctionShield to One Oral Suction Tip

Contain Droplets that spread dangerous pathogens

Reduce cross-contamination

Improve Practitioner safety and patient care


Beyond the people and the institutions who are making life saving decisions every day, the whole of our equipment is much stronger than its component pieces. Gloves, masks, gowns, goggles and our product, SuctionShieldTM work cohesively as essential PPE to protect patients and practitioners from droplet spread and surface contamination within the hospital.

Our COVID-19 Call to Service is our commitment to supporting you, the parts of our whole, as you support our communities.  We are proud to offer a free case of SuctionShield™ to any hospital in need of proper PPE during this time.

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